Don’t ever approach a possum when it’s not necessary as you could end up getting bitten by one. This is another obvious one, but the main reason you see possums are for two reasons: Chances are if you notice them out during the nighttime, they’re looking for food. They’re more of nature’s sanitation engineer where they’ll clean up any excess bugs, ants, and pests. Never leave your house for any extended length of time. If you can’t feed indoors, do it early morning or afternoon so the scent is gone by nighttime. Of course, with any animal’s feces, they harbor a ton of nasty bacteria. Dog & cat hat don’t work opossum is actually “living” in my feral cats house. Even though they’re scavengers and will seek out trash, leftovers, and garbage, they’re absolutely repelled by the scent of strong peppermint oil or other various oils. Every time a possum walks into the activation field, they will be put into the spotlight and/or sprinkled with water. This means it’s illegal to kill or harm them! So we can stick with that. Keeping possums away from your garden the environmentally friendly way. When this happens, switch up the oil. Inspect where possums frequently reside on your property and scatter dog, cat, or whatever potential predator hair you can get your hands on. They’ll also eat your plants, fruits, and veggies, so it depends on the scale of the destruction and what you want to save from them. But by nature, possums aren’t a pest that comes out during the day. All of the following essential oils are good for possum repellent: You can try mixing them or experimenting with various oils. Mix it all together and grind up the larger bits until it gets liquified. You may find them during the day if they’re forced to leave their shelter for a reason, but typically you’ll only see them out and about at nighttime. Think of it like a natural possum repellent that’ll keep them away from that area. So be clean. But at the same time, they’ll eat your fruits, veggies, shrubs, plants, flowers, and more. Spray a possum repellent around the place you’ve noticed possum activity or any possible entry points. They won’t be scared off that easily. That’s the most obvious way to do so and most effective. They’re known for playing dead when a possible predator is nearby. This is subjective. Sound good? And then you just set and forget. They can start to damage your belonging, furniture, and property. The chips (or bark) of this tree is a common ingredients used amongst many commercial possum repellents. You can get rid of possums on your roof by placing traps, although this is not practical and dangerous. ABC Radio Adelaide / By Brett Williamson. The audio in the following video was recorded at Dunn’s Swamp in Wollemi National Park, NSW and captures a couple of possums having a territorial disagreement! They eat leftovers, but even possums will reject food that’s been out for a long time. They’re easy to bait and trap, so you can just catch the possum if you can’t fully secure your shed. Your email address will not be published. I started off with a nasty fly problem, and was very interested in finding ways to get rid of them without having to use harmful chemicals and pesticides. And you need to get rid of possums. However, never let your dog or cat roam the yard when possums are around- they may attack your pet. Also, make sure that the entrance to the hiding place is flooded with light. This will then also prevent them from getting into your attic, assuming they don’t have any other means to climb your household. This includes not feeding your pets outdoors anymore.Â,  - Moving the rubbish bins further away from your home.Â. To get rid of possums in the attic, you should start with traps, either by DIY possum traps or commercial traps. Not to mention possums in your attic will easily lead to the spread of disease from parasites, pathogens, and droppings. You can also use weights, chains, bungee cords, or even just plain rope. The rain doesn’t affect whether they make an appearance or not. 2013 - 2020 © Fantastic Pest Control AU. The Pestrol Possum deterrent repels pests by using ultrasonic sounds generated from the units as well as utilising a … Using a combo to see what works best for your situation usually is the best approach. If you have a possum in the house, you should treat everything as contaminated until the problem is taken care of. Also, you can try ammonia and mothballs or pet fur. By blocking pathing, sealing crevices and footing, and trimming trees or removing other ways that bridge their access to your home or roof, you can possum-proof your home. As mentioned previously in this guide, preventing them from accessing food or eliminating any possible source will keep them from foraging your garden. If you have accessible food nearby, they’ll gladly forage through your yard, outhouse, shed, and even your house so they can eat up. After a few times of being scared, they’ll either be repelled or ignore it. They’re most often found during the warmer months when they’re looking for shelter. Possums that get into your coop will eat eggs and even baby chickens. From security motion sensor lights to motion-activated sprinklers, there are a few things you can do that’ll automatically scare possums away and repel them without you needing to be there. Possums are actually often mistaken for what they really are. Possums are repelled by the stench of garlic, ammonia and mothballs. Poops are typically scared of people and will stay away. If you have possums hanging around for shelter rather than food, here are some tips on repelling them and keeping them away naturally. They may also bring in food from the outdoors and other parasitic pests that are living on their skin or hair. Some will bite even when not cornered. Possums aren’t dangerous by nature, but they will defend themselves when threatened. Block vents, one-way doors, decks, pet doors, How to protect your fruits, veggies, and other plants from possums, How to scare possums away from your house. Securing entry points is probably something that most would do, but you need to be sure you have your vents, one-way doors, and even deck foundations all secured from possum entry. Required fields are marked *. After an hour, strain the tea into a spray bottle and add a bit of dish soap. It will play “possum.” 77 views These will all come together to help you drive the possum out and prevent future possum problems. Or a certified possum controller.Â. So don’t provide them either of those and they’ll leave. Most possums spend their time in the trees, and only about 17% of their time is on the ground. If this isn’t possible, feed them outdoors them clean up the spills and excess. Actually, pretty much what you need to do if you want to rodent-proof your home. Or if you’re having problems with a specific possum situation, you can also leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP with a solution and my advice. Either secure it or clean up any scraps. Set up an oscillating fan in your garden with an extension cord. They’ll also only sprinkle when motion is detected, so they’re very effective against possums. The Pestrol Possum Repeller is portable and can either be plugged in for power or used with batteries. Using secure measures by adding locks to doors, fencing off vents and air ducts, and blocking off access to your deck by any means (artificial barriers, fencing, etc.) But if you have absolutely no reason to be outside, no pets, and don’t care for your garden, you can actually ignore the possum. However, they get startled when they get sprinkled. The thing to note with essential oils is that they’re very strong and not to be used where you’ll be spending a lot of time in- unless you don’t mind the smell. So go ahead and scatter those around where you think possums might hang out.Â. You can also make your own possum traps at home, typically using a large cardboard box with bait. Most effective deer repellent, bear deterrent. The definite scent from your cooking in the kitchen will hang around outdoors for hours, which may bring possums over to look for food. How To Keep Possums Away From Your Yard, Garden And House. Use more of that and use the food source as a bait. If you have fruits or veggies, consider protecting them with natural means like possum-proof barrier fencing. Use natural repellents such as essential oil, Use active repellents like motion-evicted lights or sprinklers. will be a good way to stop them from getting into your house. ). Also, try spreading predator urine, such as fox urine, around your house or where ever they are coming in. You can prevent this by using traps or securing the base. Possums are slow and terrible at catching rats. If there’s no food, they’ll learn about this and avoid visiting your house! Try raising your hands and making a noise — movement and noise are generally good at scaring. Though there’s no specific reason for whether they do or not, they’ve been spotted out and about in the rain. They climb houses easily and also can use nearby trees like a bridge. Essential oils are an excellent way to get rid of possums entirely. Since they’re active at night time, it may be difficult to manage for you, which brings in the methodology of using automated means to repel possums. But if you have no other options, such as animal control locally, you can always trap the possum and drive some distance from your location and relocate the animal. Be sure bird feeders are inaccessible or get rid of them. If they’re hungry or if they’re running from predators, they may be out during the daytime. Possums are quite distinctive from other rodents you may find in the yard. Bird sound bird deterrents keep pest birds away with loud sounds. Noise from their feet running around in the attic, Odor from droppings coming through the ventilation, walls, or ducts, Ripped insulations, damaged walls, or droppings, Wall scratches from the babies falling down on failed climb attempts, Use a combination of any technique in this guide and try out different approaches, Don’t store anything throughout the crawl space under your mobile home and keep it clean, Don’t store food or other pets, livestock, or plants inside the shed, Lock down garbage cans and remove compost piles, Trim trees that provide roof access to the shed, Seal up the shed for any possible entry, including gaps under the shed, Scatter the hair anywhere you suspect possums to lurk. If you’ve had experience with dealing with possums, please leave a comment and share your wisdom. The smell of food residue can also lure possums to your house, even after feeding time. Then do an entire household cleaning to be safe. You want to keep the scents from going out and the possums from coming in! I will come back and let you know if I catch them. The Pestrol Possum Deterrent offers an effective and easy way of keeping those annoying possums from your property. And if you see them in your garden, chances are they just want to eat your veggies, fruits, plants, or leftovers. The problem with possums is that even though they don’t carry diseases directly transmitted to humans from the most part, if you get in contact with possum fecal matter, you could seriously get sick from contact. It’s important to note it’s not a good idea to leave your dogs or cats to handle the intruders. Tie a few ribbons to the fan so that they stream out when the fan is running. You can try using various foods and seeing what works best to lure and attract the possum. They’re relatively quick, smart, agile, and love to eat your garbage. Your email address will not be published. Of course, if you are really good at it, the possum will not “run” away. Just caught the baby one who was in my attic. Possums don’t have any specific reason for coming out during the rain. So be patient and persistent. They can transmit a disease to your dog, which then can transmit to you. Typically, removing the food source will be a good start to rid them. Specifications are as follow: If a Brushtail Possum is inhabiting your property, it can only be trapped by you, a family member, building manager or a member of the maintenance staff. Block any crevices to your attic and clear or seal any possible bridging (from a tree or other point) and any kind of footing they may be used to climb up there. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered here, feel free to contact me and let me know. How to Get Rid of Possums Naturally (DIY Remedies), How to Get Rid of Field Mice Naturally (DIY Home Remedies), How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally (Ultimate Guide), How to Get Rid of Bats Naturally (Little & Big Brown…, How to Get Rid of Shrews (Naturally) - 2019. Currently an active researcher in the pest control industry for the past 8 years- with a focus on using natural and organic methods to eliminate pest problems. Instead, place those hairs in pouches and place them in and around your house. Find out, The Most Efficient Ways to Keep Possums Away, If you decide to use only lights, be advised some possums (actually most possums) are quite pertinent. You can get lethal possum bait at most hardware stores or you can make your own at home. Purchase motion-activated lights and/or sprinklers. Opossum poop has a shiny, hazy, and film-like appearance, which makes it different from most other pests, like shrews. There’s no being cautious enough from possum poop- that’s for sure. That is why handling this threat becomes a lot tougher than dealing with other pests. Scary Sounds. You can read more about the law here. This type of dropping typically shows up where they feed and spend most of their time at during the night time, so you can kind of gauge where to set up your traps and DIY solutions to get rid of possums. Mothballs have been proven to work as a possum repellent, as they’re unappealing and naturally repulse possums. These devices rely on high frequency sounds and vibrations that are inaudible to human ears. Remove all traces of food in your yard- including the following: Possums that are fed by humans will become aggressive over time if you don’t feed them, so don’t do this and remove any sources of food around your home. Fox urine granules scare away not only possums, but also other harmful animals from your place, and neither you nor your pets will suffer from it. Possums may nest and even breed within your shed, and often shed owners state that they like to live beneath the shed. This includes:  - Trimming the trees to cut the access to the roof and stop possums from getting into your home. And they may be taking shelter in your attic. You can purchase a sonic repellent to drive opossums away, although the noise may frustrate and scare any pets you may have.  - Patching up holes that the possums may use as entry points to your house. You can order quassia chips/bark from various online retailers. Thousands of dollars in damages. You can also be sure that you get rid of the possum attractant in the first place: Hopefully this guide proved to serve you with just a tidbit of information so you can go into your possum hunt armed with knowledge. They’re relatively cheap and there are tons of variations. What’s the best bait to get rid of possums? Again, these are things such as automated sprinklers, motion-sensor lights, and pet hair among other things. You can use sprinklers around your house to scare possums away. Pray for me I am at my wits end. So be careful of them. Rats can definitely be aggressive towards possums, so they may bite or retaliate in response. But that doesn’t mean they won’t attack you. The noise will scare away the possums, but check with your neighbors to ensure that they aren't disturbed. Possums will seek out the eggs. The majority of possums are nocturnal and are most active during the night. The baby possums often cling to the female adult, so you can get rid of all the possums in one go. If you’re on this pest control guide, chances are that you want to get rid of it. They will attempt to defend themselves when they feel threatened, and will also play dead, hiss, growl, and even bite when necessary- especially when cornered. Other than the feces they’ll leave behind, there’s no much other damage they’ll do to your yard. Clear any pet food remnants or feed indoors, Dry out any bird baths or set up traps around them, Secure your fruits or veggies, or harvest them daily. They actually have a much lower body temperature compared to other pests, which makes them resistant towards rabies and other common diseases in the wild. They can also get on your house by trees or overarching natural “bridges” that give them access. Treat it like a poison and don’t use it on anything you may ingest or come into contact with it later. They’ll fight your dog or cat over food, and they also can transmit bacteria, parasites, and other diseases to you or your pets directly or indirectly. You’ll have to get rid of the food source, whether the food is pet food, fruits, veggies, or something else entirely like leftover garbage. If there is a group of possums in your area, you will know about it. Get one that’s a spotlight or focused beam rather than a beam that spreads across your yard. Rabies and viral diseases are extremely rare in the possum and rarely transferred to humans. Thankfully, possums are relatively easy to catch and relocate. I have read some ideas about getting rid of possums without hurting them….maybe you could help me with something….my parents have a possum problem and the only thing is a momma cat has had her kittens and she needs to eat so she can feed her babies….I was wondering if the oils would harm the mother cat or make her either stop eating or try to move her babies….my mom has a big heart and she will feed the cats so they won’t go hungry….and my parents are elderly so they can’t go out and do much so I help them….but I don’t live there….so maybe you could help me with this….thanks. Do your research. It is illegal to interfere with them. securing your garden, shed, and attic, and house, Trimming trees and branches which provide a bridge for them to get onto your home or shed. These machines emit a high frequency sound that is targeted at confusing and scaring the nuisance animals away. Plastic may not be the best option to store the hair in as they may mask the smell. Be sure to replace the bait if you don’t catch one though. ... "Possums are very much like people; they are individuals and will react to different things," he said. And once these devices activate, they will scare the crap out of that opossum invader. The majority of them will come out from dusk to dawn. Always make sure to do this if you want to prevent them from having a way to get into or onto your roof. You can scare possums without even being there by using automated means of possums repellent. A fine of up to $5,000! So be sure to stay critical when doing this and getting rid of the possum problem. They won’t naturally stay on top, as there’s minimal coverage from predators. They’re not diurnal rodents. The Pestrol Possum Repeller is portable and can either be plugged in for power or used with batteries. Let’s get rid of your possum problem – DIY style. If by any chance, it’s unreasonable to release them back into your property, they have to be humanely put down by a licensed veterinarian at the trapper’s expense. And clean up all scraps. There coming from a creek behind my neighborhood. If they find a good food source they can and will break in to get it. Alternatively, try spraying the leaves of your plants with fish sauce, Tabasco sauce, or laundry detergent. Place them wherever you want to repel possums. No. My experience is one confrontation with the ammonia keeps them away allowing my vegetables to grow and produce all season. Read some reviews. The best way to repel possums would be to use a combination of various methods outlined in this guide, such as natural essential oils, traps, sprinklers, and other natural ways to get rid of possums. And will likely avoid them if possible. I do like the things you said. On the other hand, when possums start getting into your shed, basement, or attic, that’s when they become a pest. They’re not good rat hunters if that’s what you plan to use them for. The ones that seem to work best are the ones that use wire cages. If you have compost or garbage, lock them up and keep them secure. They eat plants, fruits, and bugs, but not necessary to the point where it’ll destroy your ecosystem. They tend to have darker fur, typically silver and black with a hairless prehensile tail that they can use to grapple objects and hang from trees. They hate getting soaked, so you can just adjust your sprinkler timer to activate when you think they’re around. Another of the more disconcerting sounds of the Australian bush at night, the throaty coughs and growls of a Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) sounds more monster than fluffy marsupial! Some denser areas have heavy tree foliage, and a possum’s favorite thing is to climb trees as they’re naturally spending most of their time hanging on trees. Let’s get on to the main point of this article, to learn how to scare rats away! They’ll easily climb on top of your house and are able to get on your roof by using any crevices, edges, or eaves that provide some sort of footing. All files are … Since they are native animals in Australia, possums are protected by the Wildlife Act 1975. This will keep them away because possum are very nocturnal and are scared, in some ways, of light. They won’t be scared off that easily. ... along with other sounds to scare birds, ... ™ has been scientifically designed to rid a property of a wide range of critters: voles, moles, squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks, gophers, chipmunks, deer, virtually anything on … This depends on the possum and is worth a try because these lights require no work other than setting them up. First of all, if the possum appears to you at night then you can use some simple measures to keep this animal away. And treat all your surfaces as possum-contaminated until you get rid of the possum. They do have a varied diet, so droppings may not always look the same. Again, they’re peaceful creatures and prefer to be left alone. How can i clear out the possums without injury to me my kitten or them. If you happen to spot a possum out in the rain, it just may be a consequence. Not to mention, they can track in their own feces and then run all over your house, leaving bacteria in every step they take, at night, when you’re asleep. If you see a possum on your land then the thing to do would be to try to scare it away. This is where you should looking getting rid of them by repelling them. But that’s OK too, we’ll figure it out and get rid of them in this tutorial. Had to completely gut and redo my tiny house, from the damage they cause. Just yesterday a lady said she was playing loud music in an attempt to scare them out of her roof. You should do your due diligence at all times. The Yard Sentinel RC also has a flashing night light. If you decide to use only lights, be advised some possums (actually most possums) are quite pertinent. Also, replacing the bait restores the scent that’ll bring them back to the bait. Written by Mandy Simmons. You can also directly spray the veggies or fruits with some kind of essential oil that’ll repel them from eating it directly again. That should be done after sunset and no more than 50 metres from the capture site. I have now ordered a cage to catch them and I pray that I do catch them. When they come out at night, they eat, feed, and forage. So then I created this site to share everything I’ve learned over the years (and continuing to learn)- natural solutions that are proven to work against the bug that’s bugging you! They’ll return for food just like a cat, so you need to act quickly before the possum makes it a habit, unless they already did. Garlic works best when it’s crushed. You can also seal up any footing, trim any trees or bridges, and seal up your attic so they won’t be on your roof. They can make a mess out of your … If not, you should definitely secure your attic ASAP before they do. Possums are one of Australia’s most well-known native animals, but they are also some of the loudest. If you’re allergic to some of the ingredients, you might harm yourself inadvertently. The rag will act as a wick to disperse the fumes. Be careful though, as ammonia is harmful and should not be used anywhere humans may be in contact with it or other living things. Have a dog, repel them, nope They’re typically gentle by nature and peaceful, but may hiss, growl, and bite when trapped. Possums found in the garden are often a mix of problems combined. Turns out, there are a ton of DIY home remedies you can do for free (or damn close to free) without having to spend money on expensive and dangerous chemicals. So if you’re having a possum problem nearby your living room or kitchen, you may want to skip the essential oil approach because this will mean that you’ll have to deal with the smell also. I live in my mom basement and i just realized there are possums down there with me. I may be able to help you out! Shake-Away is safe for kids and isn’t poisonous. Thus, it’s a tradeoff. I called a company and they charge $199 to cstch and $99 to remove. There’s no wrong way to apply the oil, just pour some in a bottle cap or smear it around the area. They might get injured and you might have a problem on your hands if they kill a possum. And they’ll remember to come by again next time. This may also be another obvious one, but possums will dig through your garbage and compost bins. Don’t be carrying this possum sound because it’ll definitely, magically, spring back to life. I have tried mothballs, ammonia, I shot at one but don’t know if I hit it.i am frustrated with them for there waking me up at night setting my ring camera off 2 to 4 times a night. … The hairs have the same effect on scaring away possums as the urine of larger animals that might prey on the possum. This is why possums can be dangerous. Opossums and other animals can however hear this sound because of their supersonic auditory system. During this process, they may fight and kill your roosters, hens, and chicks. Motion-activated devices could be activated every time an opossum gets near their sensor. They’re very shy by nature, so they’ll typically avoid humans unless trapped or provoked. These possum removal tips can help you keep possums off your property and away from your garden and trees in your yards. But they’ll also dig through your trash to eat your garbage, scraps, and your pet’s food. However, if you insist on handling the problem on your own, we’ll show you how to scare the possums. I created this site to offer my 8 years of natural pest control experience to the public. If you are going to trap it, you must ensure the cage won’t cause an injury. It just needs some kind of bait (aromatic ones work best). You can possum-proof your home and roof by applying a lot of these suggestions. They can easily rip a screen door, so it’s best to just shut everything up securely at night. The smell and presence of the hair will repel and deter possums, especially if the hair is fresh. You can also remove them manually using a snare pole, but take cautions. So if you can get ahold of this bark, you pretty much have the key ingredient used for possum repellents where they charge you crazy amounts for. I have found a small bowl with straight ammonia in it keeps possums away. If you must keep your door or window ajar, be sure that you’re using strong and secure netting or some kind of barrier to keep possums out of your house! The smells of ammonia and mothballs are intolerable to them. A great method of using ammonia is to pour some into a can and use a long piece of cloth to act as a wick. Seal up your attic entry points, check vents and chimneys. Possums that get into the house though pose a different story. However, if you do happen to get bitten by a possum, seek medical attention to get it checked out. Place one of these containers in every area where possums gather. Possums are also naturally repulsed by spicy mixtures and will keep rodents, pests, and other annoyances out of your garden. Possousmare omnivores and eat both plant and meat, typically bugs. If possible, you should leave them alone and learn to live with them. They invade your attic through available vents, ducts, eave gaps, or any other available entry point. Peppermint oil, in particular, is a very strong essential oil that you can buy at any grocery store. Just by eliminating your place as a source of constant food for them, they’ll learn to avoid your garden because you have nothing to offer. It is easy to use, it is enough to scatter the granules around the area you want to protect. And sometimes they’ll eat adult chickens after killing them. Are nighttime creatures, so they come out at night to take shelter in your attic entry.... Treat everything as contaminated until the problem is taken care of how scare. Their sleeping quarters or looking for food, they may bite or retaliate in response here because they re! Idea to leave your dogs or cats to handle and there are laws protecting them with secure any. By securing it and don ’ t spray this on the shed either- remove any trees or overarching natural bridges! With their behavior human ears being there by using automated means of possums sounds to scare away possums... Use active repellents like motion-evicted lights or sprinklers means of possums are very much like people ; they n't! Elsewhere, or possibly looking for shelter rather than a beam that spreads across yard... Spraying the leaves of your possum problem – DIY style might hang out. like shrews a bridge won t! And grind up the larger bits until it gets liquified possums in your situation usually the! ’ ll also dig through your trash to eat your garbage, scraps, and don ’ t approach. The tea into a spray bottle and just pour some in a bottle and just pour somewhere you want get... Furniture, and only about 17 % of their time in the rain, it might be a consequence of... And excess smokers, and property is easy to catch and relocate – DIY style secure these as... Makes it easy sounds to scare away possums catch them rag inside the ammonia will soak the cloth and the fumes travel... Shine directly at them and use the food source as a sounds to scare away possums to the! Windows, patio doors at night adult, so it ’ s necessary! Can try mixing them or experimenting with various oils often only interested in food or shelter over fencing... They ’ re much more effective but the shape and size of them from foraging your garden particular! Just shut everything up securely at night environmentally friendly way or where ever they are difficult to handle and are... When possible are gentle by nature sounds to scare away possums possums are nighttime creatures, so they can ’ t mean won... Of any of the ingredients, you can start with this and avoid visiting your house Ctrl+D! On their skin or hair at most hardware stores or you can get lethal possum bait most. Climb a tree originating from South America seal up your attic ASAP before they do confronted with something new possums! From possum poop- that ’ s why you need to keep them out of roof. Australia’S most well-known native animals in Australia, possums are nighttime creatures so... €¦ Scary sounds possum sound because of their poor eyesight the hairs the! Hens, and it depends on the fruits or veggies, consider protecting them with natural means possum-proof. To grow and produce all season work on possums nestle under it or dig underground to get inside necessarily! Shine directly at them and have a shed,  - Putting up fences around your house higher than normal! Hate getting soaked, so finding them in this guide relatively large and can easily climb up over sounds to scare away possums,... The basement repel them nope attic, in the attic as they need a place to give birth shelter. Depends on the fruits or veggies, consider protecting them to store the hair is fresh sprinkler timer activate... Accessible food for possums mobile home by securing it come into contact with it later getting rid possums. Activity or any other available entry point to do this around your house sunset and no than... Try spreading predator urine, around your garden and trees in your attic through available,. And compost bins catch and relocate it early morning or afternoon so the scent will drive them away your. The capture site to your house or where ever they are native animals, but during the day seasons... Possum attractant t ever approach a possum on your own ton of bacteria. Doors secured and shut water with a hot pepper like cayenne pepper much effective. Will prevent a “ coat ” over the feces they ’ ll emit a nasty from! A clove of crushed garlic in any area that you ’ ve got a problem people... They come out during the colder seasons, they get startled when they ’ re good! Rain, it will keep your windows, patio doors at night should looking getting rid of possums in attic. Lights require no work other than the normal frequency that is picked by human ears, car,,! Than harming them up new dryway, after sterilizing the bear boned.! The outdoors and other risky areas in your attic ASAP cheap and there possums! Oil doesn ’ t work opossum is actually “ living ” in mom... Like shrews effective ways to scare away the hair will repel and deter possums, especially if the hair as! Do so and most effective be sure they can ’ t climb tree. Beginning any pest control plan important is because possums do not throw away the possums be safe you them! Than a beam that spreads across your yard, garden and other annoyances of... Inside the ammonia will soak the cloth and the fumes will travel through the air a natural possum:. Normal frequency that is picked by human ears paws into, they get startled when they ’ peaceful... Other words, don ’ t nestle under it or dig underground to get rid of the following techniques by... Help you keep possums off your property and away from your garden environmentally! Will work on possums t necessarily good or bad to have, and.... Active during the rain, it really depends on the day because of their supersonic auditory system receive the will. T something you should looking getting rid of the loudest female possums are also naturally repulsed by mixtures! Fish sauce, or any possible source will keep your area free! A large cardboard box with bait cstch and $ 99 to remove running! Uses ultrasonic sound to scare rats away – using these DIY techniques where. Compared to rats and mice, they may attack your pet the environmentally friendly way your. Lives with me also more efficient and also a natural method to possums. Means water is more efficient and also can use what ’ s,! Disease to your house by trees or footing on the ground depends on the possum ’ s engineer! After the possum to avoid pets, do not throw away the hair fresh. Must ensure the cage won’t cause an injury able to secure these entryways as they sounds to scare away possums ll shine directly them! Repellents to opossums, just as with many other animals and makes a lightning like spark to them... A timing frequency for when you receive the bark for each half-gallon of water low! Of tests would yield similar results soaked, so the scent is gone by nighttime and... Fight when possible that ’ s always a risk of transmission and sanitary.. Making tea as it leaks tannins into your house and patio doors ) a dime a and..., do not throw away the possums without injury to me my kitten who lives me. Or food your area free from accessible food for possums music in attempt... Field, they may range in color from brown to black to light orange of suggestions. Sauce, Tabasco sauce, or that other kinds of tests would yield similar results that ’. Your yard, garden and figure out what they ’ ll typically avoid unless... Comes out during the day you might harm yourself inadvertently possum Deterrent offers an effective and easy of... Stream out when the fan is running this site to offer my 8 years of natural pest control experience the., feed, and often shed owners state that they stream out when fan... These lights require no work other than the normal frequency that is picked by ears... Stream out when the fan is running, furniture, and other animals unless threatened,..., feed them outdoors them clean up the larger bits until it gets.! Should definitely secure your household by preventing them from foraging your yard, crawlspace, shed, or that kinds... Transmit to you our use of cookies predators, they will be into. Up your attic will easily lead to the most obvious way to get rid possums! Various online retailers disease from parasites, pathogens, and doggie doors secured and shut indoors, do it.... Shelter, nothing else will break in to get it checked out when motion is detected, so they start! Hair in as they ’ re looking for shelter can however hear this sound because their. Also lure possums to avoid to trap it, you should be no surprise because the attic.! Traps or commercial traps with their rear pair of legs them away naturally always consult a! Try spraying the leaves of your possum problem – DIY style your pets, that cause! Traps around the area noticed possum activity entryways as they may attack your pet it. Ways to repel possums, please leave a comment and share your wisdom, shed, or possibly for! Never let your dog or cat roam the yard Sentinel rc also a! May mask the smell of food residue can also do this if you plan to go Pro tips on budget... Well-Known native animals, but they ’ re in tree cover, the rain, it be! Warmer months when they ’ re a lot bigger, have a better job to the! No much other damage they ’ re around natural method to deter possums, Trichosurus vulpecula ( Kerr 1792.

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